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MozgoParty is a trivia. Hang out with your loved ones, compete with them and learn new things. You can play when out with friends, at home with your family or in the office.
MozgoParty is designed so you can spend more time with your friends. It's a question-answer based game with 4 rounds. Each round has 7 questions: text, visual, audio and blitz round. 40 minutes of fun, passion and drive.
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MozgoParty works on PC in Opera or Google Chrome. Invite your friends, colleagues and family. Get ready for 40 minutes of unforgettable fun.
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Our players usually make 2-3 person teams, play 1 on 1 or compete against the computer.
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If we get enough feedback we will release more games in this format.

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The game contains all the necessary tutorials. The rules are extremely simple.
There are over 250 games already. Unfortunately they haven't yet been translated into English. You will play the only English game in the catalogue. If you like it please let us know and we will translate all the others.
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MozgoParty: trivia, created so you can spend more time with your friends.
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